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About Us

Our values

Square Angle offshore sal deliveres mechanical, electrical and structural engineering consultancy and associated services that bring buildings to life. We provide a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy service, which combines the application of value with knowledge, and partnership with quality. We have also become trusted advisors to many organisations, given our expertise in energy and sustainability.

In this regard, three pillars were erected and are being consolidated continuously in order to support and elevate Square Angle offshore:

Total integration
Our clients receive totally integrated engineering and building solutions through a single point of contact at director level. Through our sister companies and joint ventures, we can also assist our clients by calling for specialists from building management systems (BMS), IT & low current consultancy … all the way to construction .

Value without compromise
Buildings are critical assets and they must deliver value throughout their life. We combine technical skill, power and energy modelling, as well as IT expertise to meet exact requirements by optimizing initial costs and minimising operational costs.

Quality delivery
A pursuit of excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We continuously train our staff to enable them to attain the technical, management and creative expertise at the leading edge of engineering.